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Grundfos Unlift AP
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Specification of

Grundfos AP12 series has many of the features of the KP series

AP12 series consists of four models, each featuring the motor with 4 kw, 0.6, 0.8 kw, kw and 1.1 kw.

A permanent installation or use of portable

AP12 pumps suitable for applications below:

* lower the surface of ground water

* pumping from the drainage hole

* pumping from surface water holes with the flow from the roof gutter, shafts, tunnels, etc.

* mengosongkan columns, tanks etc.

Types Of Fluids

AP12 pump is suitable for:

* Non-aggressive clean water

* Dirty water without stone or fibre

* Water drainage that can pass the particles with maximum diameter of 12 mm

Water Temperature

A minimum temperature of 0 c

The maximum temperature of the water at the time of operation: 50 c

during the typical analysis for strainer suction pumps must always be submerged in water it all


The non-return valve

uto prevent the backflow of water, available as accessories.



AP12 impellers made from steel prevents a semi-open impeller blades with L-shaped blades are designed to reduce the harmful consequences of various solid particies and to reduce electricity consumption.


PA-I no. 4104 VDE


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