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Tangki Air Stainless Covinaa
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Specification of

Toren Water Stainless Covina
We Distributor / Agent Covina Water Tank Water Toren who sells Cheap Stainless Covina to be sent to the destination.
Water Stainless Covina Toren Toren is Pioneer Water Stainless patterned Batik can be used either to hold water, as well as accommodate AIR SEA LAND containing.
No doubt that Toren Toren Water Stainless Covina is the best quality for cleaner, more powerful, Anti Fungus, Anti-Odor, Anti Moss and Not Toxic
Design Close Air Stainless Covina Toren designed in such a way, that tank will not fly / lost due to wind. This is because the wear tank lid hinge, the hinge can be locked and anti-rust. In addition, if desired, the legs can be replaced in a special tank with legs made ​​of steel tanks.
Toren Water Stainless Covina
Consists of the following type:
CT - 500, CT - 750, CT - 1.000, CT - 1.250, CT - 1.500, CT - 1.750, CT - 2000
Toren Water Stainless Covina available in cities
Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Medan, Denpasar, and Makassar

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